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LOS to FPV Bundled Kit

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LOS to FPV Bundled Kit

Already have a Quadcopter and want to add FPV onto it? This LOS to FPV Quad Kit will turn any 150 size and bigger quadcopter into an FPV Quad.

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Eachine EV800D 5.8G 40CH Diversity FPV Goggles with DVR   +$99.99

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LOS to FPV Conversion Kit

Already have a Quadcopter and want to add FPV to it? This LOS to FPV Quad Kit will turn any 150 size and bigger quadcopter into an FPV Quad. Links to individual products included in this kit can be found below.

Our Recommendation

If you already have a Quadcopter and would like to get into FPV then this kit will be perfect for just that! Please remember that, along with the conversion kit, you would need to invest in a set of FPV Goggles.

Please read through the Purchasing Guidelines below to have a better understanding of which Addons you should consider purchasing.

The LOS to FPV Conversion Kit includes the following parts

Base Components - LOS to FPV Conversion Kit

Configurable Addons

GOGGLES (Select one)









Purchasing Guidelines


All the listed goggles are great for flying FPV! Select the goggle that suits your budget. If you do decide to purchase the premium, Fat Shark goggles; you would have to add a Video Receiver to your order as it does not come built-in with one. The other goggles already have a video receiver included, so no need to add one to your order if you select a different option than the Fat Shark Goggles.


The Fat Shark Goggles DO NOT include a built-in receiver so you would have to include one as an addon if you select the Fat Shark Goggles. Both receivers are great but we would recommend the Diversity Receiver if your budget allows for it. The Diversity Receiver allows you to attach 2 antennas to your goggles, giving you a clearer picture in certain conditions. If you do select the Diversity Video Receiver, then you would need to purchase the extra “Patch” Antenna which allows for the performance gain.


Once you’re up and flying, you’ll want to share your FPV flights with family, friends and the FPV Community. The best way to do this is with an Action Camera. We would recommend the GoPro Hero 5 Session. Remember to include a Memory Card if you don’t have one lying around. We’d also recommend the 3D Printed GoPro Hero 5 Session mount made specifically for this quadcopter.

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Flying FPV can become addictive.

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