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Long Range FPV Quadcopter Raggio Lungo ARF

Long Range FPV Quadcopter Raggio Lungo ARF

Why Fly Long Range FPV?

With the recent release of new and more affordable radio link and FPV technology, long range FPV has been gaining traction within the FPV community more rapidly than ever before. More and more pilots are pushing their gear (and nerve!) to the outer limits in order to experience FPV in its most purest unrestricted form. No longer is the park border the final boundary, long range pilots are free to reach for the next mountain, furthest peak, or even the next township over. There’s never been a better time than now to fly long range FPV!

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“Imagine if a Lamborghini and a stealth attack helicopter had a baby”

The featured frame in this build guide is the Falcon Multirotors Raggio Lungo, available directly from GetFPV here. Unsure if the Raggio Lungo is the right frame for you? Take a look at GetFPV’s ‘Beginners Guide to Long Range FPV’.

The Raggio Lungo is a TPU accesorized carbon fiber frame, naturally kitted out in full stealth black. Measuring 300mm motor to motor, the Raggio effortlessly swings both 6″ and 7″ props. Despite its rugged carbon fiber construction and roomy internals, the Raggio weighs in at just 150g, a miracle considering the sheer size of this beefy frame. Construction is straightforward and maintenance is an absolute breeze with the included inset nuts and ‘pop-top’ plate.

The selected power train is no less impressive: TMotor F40 Pro II motors swinging hyper-responsive HQ 7″ props on 6S grants the Raggio ridiculously high cruising speed and plenty of pep. The XRotor 45A 4-in-1 ensures the motors can draw the amps they deserve, while the G2 FC keeps the Raggio locked in and cruising like it’s on rails.

Build Instruction: 

Please see here for build instruction from our content writer, Callum Thorburn : https://www.getfpv.com/learn/fpv-build-logs-and-guides/long-range-fpv-quadcopter-build-log-raggio-lungo/

or the video provided by the original builder of this bundle, and GetFPV's own Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Jaco Koekemoer (Sozo FPV) here:


Flying FPV can become addictive.

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