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Flywoo HEXplorer LR HD 4" 4S Micro Long Range FPV Hexacopter BNF w/ Caddx Polar Vista Digital HD System

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Flywoo HEXplorer LR HD 4" 4S Micro Long Range FPV Hexacopter BNF w/ Caddx Polar Vista Digital HD System

The Flywoo Hexplorer LR  is a brand new type of Hexacopter known as "#MicroLongRange," which was created by Dave_C FPV in collaboration with Flywoo. #MicroLongRange is a brand new field, which allows fpv pilots to get incredible HD footage, all while capturing incredible footage at high speeds!

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The Flywoo Hexplorer LR HD is a brand new type of hexacopter known as "#MicroLongRange," which was created by Dave_C FPV in collaboration with Flywoo. The Hex LR is perfect for pilots who prefer freestyle, not just cruising.  #MicroLongRange is a brand new field, which allows fpv pilots to get incredible HD footage, all while capturing incredible footage at high speeds. The Hexplorer LR HD comes with an ATOMIC 5.8G antenna, Caddx Polar Vista Digital HD System, GOKU F745 16x16 Nano Stack, NIN 1404 V2 2750KV Motors, and more, making this 4" hexacopter a winner!

Note: SMO 4K Camera and camera mount NOT included.

VIDEO: What's the point of a 4" hexacopter? FLYWOO HEXPLORER LR

Message from Dave_C FPV:

“ The Flywoo Explorer made a new class of quads mainstream: Micro Long Range! These quads are a compact, sub 250g 4" platform that will still allow you an impressive range and flight times of over 30 minutes on Lithium-Ion packs. Next to these 4" platforms, we do see more and more light 5" quads geared towards long flight times. They are usually over 250g but overall faster and capable of carrying heavy loads like full GoPros - Something I wouldn't recommend on 4" where a naked GoPro is a much better choice. Instead of moving up to a bigger prop size for these increased payloads, Flywoo applied some really cool out-of-the-box thinking and created the HEXplorer! Six 4" props have indeed almost the exact same disc area a 5" quad has. Disc load and therefore the overall noise level gets reduces a lot compared to the Explorer when you carry a heavy 4S Li-Ion and a GoPro, while power and freestyle capabilities are increased on lighter packs.

So to summarize things: If you want super long flight times and range while staying sub 250g - Get the Explorer! If you want the smallest and quietest platform to be able to carry a full GoPro while still having good flight times and performance - Get the Hex! “



  • Features a powerful F745 flight controller packed with features including a barometer, blackbox, 7 complete hardware serial ports, I2C functionality, and WS2812 LEDs on each corner.
  • This lightweight 4-inch hex is below 250g even if you connect with the battery, which meets the current request of FAA rules.
  • Upgrade M8N Mini GPS to V2.0, which uses copper foil to effectively prevent the signal from being interfered with by Vista.
  • Easy to control and long flight time, we strongly recommend it to FPV beginners and pilots who like to cruise!
  • Built-in Bluetooth module, you can use mobile devices to set the parameters of the flight.


  1. Before disarm, GPS must search for more than 5 satellites to lock the home position.
  2. After disarming, observe the OSD data during the flight, and the rescue function can work normally only if the distance exceeds 100 m. Otherwise, the quad will crash.
  3. If the remote control suddenly loses signal, the GPS rescue function will work automatically and return to the home position. (Set the AUX of GPS rescue mode in betaflight Failsafe, the default is AUX3 2000)


  1. Flywoo Finder v1.0 can power itself to beep and LED light to flash even the quad battery has been ejected.
  2. Fingder v1.0 can work for 4-5 hours.
  3. Press the button for 3 seconds to close it
  4. Built-in SMO 4k camera power cable.


High-Quality sticky battery pad included for your LiPo Batteries. This durable battery pad is made from PU material can stick to a battery at 90° on its side and even rotate 180° without falling!


The GOKU F745 16X16 STACK uses a powerful F745 BGA chip, barometer, black box, WS2812LED, supports 7 complete hardware serial ports, I2C, and other functions are all open! Meets all FPV needs.


  • FC & ESC : GOKU F745 Quad 16*16 Nano STACK - ( FC+13A ESC)
  • HD digital camera & VTX: Vista Caddx Polar Digital HD System
  • Antenna: Atomic 5.8GHz Antenna Length 130mm ( UFL LHCP)
  • Motors: NIN 1404 V2 2750KV ULTRALIGHT FPV MOTOR
  • Receiver Option: PNP / TBS Crossfire

Recommended (Not Included)



  • 1x Flywoo Hexplorer LR HD 4" 4S BNF w/ Caddx Polar Vista Digital HD System (Receiver Optional)
  • 2x Gemfan 4024 Propellers (Set of 4)
  • 2x Side Carbon Arm Support
  • 1x Camera Lens Cover
  • 1x 3D Printed Part
  • 1x Hardware Set
  • 1x Battery Pad
  • 1x LiPo Strap
  • 1x Allen Key
  • Note: SMO 4K Camera and camera mount NOT included.
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