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Spedix IS45 2-6S LiPo DShot BLHeli_S 45A ESC


Aikon SEFM 30A 4-in-1

KISS 18 amp ESC 2-4s v1.2

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Ultra light 18A ESCs by Flyduino.
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KISS - Keep it super simple. 

This 18A Version uses higher rated top notch fets which are able to withstand higher currents compared to the 12A Version.
Smallest ESC in its class, just 2 rams with bare PCB.  2-4s compatible.


1x KISS 18A ESC version 1.2, assembled board, bare PCB (new version with bigger solder pads)

New in 1.2:

  • Auto input detection: Oneshot or PWM

Jumper 1 - new function:

  • Open: Low Pass Filter - ON High-frequency spikes will be filtered to prevent damage to the ESC and motor. As long as the flight style is not hard fast acro, you will not notice the low pass filter. We recommend you keep the filter ON for most setups. Turn it OFF only if you know exactly how the PID FC is set for your specific setup. The low pass filter prevents the overheating due to variations in the input signal, but also reduces the speed of the throttle reaction at strong signal changes.

  • Closed: Low Pass Filter - OFF Control behavior of the Kiss ESC is just as sharp and good as in the previous 1.1 software version.


  • - Developed for Multicopter 
  • - Very small dimensions (12 x 23 mm) 
  • - Precision speed control (about 950 steps)
  • - adaptive Auto Timing
  • - 32Khz PWM Frequenz
  • - 50-500Hz input signal(PWM) or oneshot125 (up to 2000Hz)
  • - no external Cap (electrolytic capacitor) is necessary ** 
  • - fast reacting gas change
  • - linear throttle response
  • - Active freewheeling enabled (little diode losses resulting in higher efficiency) 
  • - Regenerative braking, therefore quick throttle response when decelerate 
  • - very fast FET switching through the use of special gate drivers 
  • - Minimal dead time, setted adaptive
  • - 2-4S LiPo capable 
  • - LED onboard
  • - JP1 opennormal PWM (50-500Hz) 
  • - JP1 closed: oneshot125 PWM 
  • - JP2 open: Motor rotates in one direction 
  • - JP2 closed: Motor rotates in the other direction

Download the manual.

Additional Information

SKU 2062
Manufacturer Flyduino
  1. frustrating poor quality review by sunny70 on 7/11/2016

    I've had mostly bad experiences with these ESCs. When they work, they work great. However, out of 13 total ordered from both Flyduino and getFPV about 40% have been DOA. Those that work have proven to be very fragile in use. I really wish I'd never gone the KISS 18A route because I've spent most of my season grounded waiting for replacements rather than flying.

  2. After owning these for a while.. review by Christopher on 5/25/2016

    Don't waste your money on these.

    They do fly beautiful in the air, but I've had so many issues with them. Including one being DOA.

    The latest was a fall from under 6 feet at a hover on to soft cut grass. Even though I cut the throttle instantly the ESC burned out and took out one of my Red Bottom motors with it.

    Flydunio's response to the quality of their product was "Contact GetFPV" This wasn't GetFPV's fault, this was your product quality's fault FlyDunio. I will never buy their products again.

  3. 4 of 5 worked.... review by Christopher on 4/20/2016

    Had to RMA one of the KISS 18a v1.2 ESCs. It worked in PWM mode for calibrating, but after i turned OneShot on the ESC would only twitch the motor, even with OneShot turned back off. The other 4 work great.

    The PCB is a little rough on the cut edges, but the soldering and pads are all nice. I wish they would at least include some clear shrink wrap with the ESC.

  4. Love them review by Michael on 2/29/2016

    Yes, these have a firey attitude if you know what i mean. Although, i choose to use these on only 1306 or smaller motors, and i have not once had a fire with them. I have crashed very hard, and ive broken frames. but ive yet to break any flyduino products. protect them, solder neatly, and insulate correctly, and most importantly, choose the right current rated esc for the job. that seems to be the biggest cause of kiss fires at my local field. Performance is flawless.

  5. Where there's smoke, there's fire review by Greg on 1/9/2016

    These are compact, super light, and they do perform great when in the air, but any time you crash, they WILL catch on FIRE. This applies even if you cut your throttle completely off before you hit the ground. If you fly hard and like to push limits, don't use this esc. You'll have to replace at least 1 every time you crash. You also risk buring up your whole copter. Never had any sync issues with these and cobra 1960s or 2300s though.

  6. Great ESC, But Know Your Current Draw review by jbird619 on 12/28/2015

    I have these ESCs on two builds. The first is an FPV Reconn RD290 Hex running HQ 5x4.5 BN on 4S. The AUW with a 2200mah 60c-90c 4S batteries is 1018g. The second build is a FPV Addiction Edition Tweaker running HQ 4x4.5 BN on 4S. The AUW with a 1300mah 60c-90c 4s battery is 472g. I have had no problems with blue smoke on either of theses builds. However, I used to run these ESCs on a Kreiger 225 with HQ 6045 BN props. "Used to" because I fried one of the ESCs during a 10 second punch out. Moral of the story...Watch your thrust and current draw! These ESCs are good, but not completely bullet proof. Although these ESCs are rated for a 30 amp burst, you are asking for trouble is you consistently exceed 18 amps.

  7. Awesome but be careful.. review by JG7 ONE on 8/8/2015

    No question, these are nice ESC's. NICE in the fact of their compact design and pushing out some great performance.

    With that said, this is what I have learned the last year. Signal pads can pop off in even the simplest of crashes; leaving you to do micro surgery bypassing the pad for a small resistor to hack into. SUPER STINKIN' DIFFICULT.

    Great on 3S, but going to 4S may prove troublesome for most. Since we are pushing all kinds of envelopes. going bigger than 2204 motors is not smart... De-synch issues and pushing past 18amps continually is just asking for it.

    4S, go to 30ampers for longevity and reliability long term.

  8. Great ESC but here's the limit review by Kevin on 8/2/2015

    4S + fxc2206 with 7" t-motor CF prop = ESC burnt to crisp. Same motor and prop with 3S runs great. Just thought I share, hope this saves someone from a burnt ESC. Yes, it's my fault.

  9. Great ESC for 3s review by David on 7/14/2015

    Great ESC for 3s quads, but on 4s they tend to produce magic smoke during crashes.

  10. awesome but fragile review by gokarter64 on 7/7/2015

    these esc's are fantastic, really smooth throttle response. but they will not survive many crashes.

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