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RC Camera Control (RCCC) V2


TBS Core PNP25

3 CH RC Video Switch

Quick Overview

3 way RC video switch allows switching between 3 cameras while flying FPV


SmartFPV 3 way RC video switch allows switching between 3 cameras while flying FPV. You can switch between flight camera, back view camera and camera facing down or use switch to see view from camera that takes pictures.


  • 3 video inputs, 1 video output
  • Regular servo channel or sum PPM control from RC receiver
  • Video input and output power pins interconnected
  • Additional battery input to power video devices
  • Operating voltage 4V – 7V


You can connect RC video switch to RC receiver’s regular servo channel or sum PPM connector. It will automatically detect type of RC signal.

After device is powered blue LED starts blinking slow meaning that RC control signal is not detected. When you turn ON RC transmitter and device detects control signal LED stops flashing.

When using sum PPM signal it is possible to use any of the channels for video switch control. Default control channel is channel #8.

Configure PPM control channel:

To change PPM channel used to control video switch you need to toggle 8 times needed transmitter switch within 10s after video switch is powered ON.

After toggling 8 times transmitter switch blue LED on video switch flashes one time indicating saving of new configured channel.

Video connectors:

SmartFPV video switch has 3 video inputs and 1 video output. Connection is made with common 3 pin servo style connectors.
All pin headers have same pin functions: GND, +V, Video

Ground pin is always located at left if facing connectors and holding board with components on top. GND pins are marked with line on board.

Video power:

All middle pins of 3 pin video connectors are interconnected to share same power between video cameras and video transmitter connected. You can power all devices either by feeding voltage to one of video devices connected or by soldering additional leads to battery input and connect battery. Battery connection leads are not included.

More info is listed here on the manufacturer forum thread.

User Guide

Download the User Guide (pdf)

Additional Information

SKU 1404
Manufacturer SmartFPV
  1. Works right out of box review by Sebastian on 5/21/2017

    Easy setup, Does what it says, and low priced!

  2. This Switch Adds A New Dimension To FPV review by James on 9/15/2015

    Want to fly your model from a different perspective? Want to see how your FC is controlling your flight? How about watching your plane fly?

    This switch is supper easy to use, I use a regular CMOS flight cam on a pan servo and two mini cams. Check it out:


  3. Excellent product review by Ryan_in_AZ on 12/26/2013

    This switcher is very easy to set up on a three position switch. The best things about it are the small size and the fact that the video switching is instant with no delay.

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