DYS BLHeli XM 20A V2 ESC 500Hz 3-4s (Oneshot 125)

DYS BLHeli XM 20A V2 ESC 500Hz 3-4s (Oneshot 125)

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DYS BLHeli XM 20A V2 ESC 500Hz 3-4s (Oneshot 125)
The BLHeli XM 20A V2 ESC 500Hz 3-4s (Oneshot 125)

About this product

Only 7.6g with wires, DYS has newly released a mini ESC XM20A-V2 at a very low cost, yet able to run BLHeli firmware and have oneshot / damping light enabled. Comes with a sturdy case for protection.

Note: This ESC does not include a BEC.


  • Specially designed for multicopters, super fast throttle response.
  • Auto-adaptation throttle, outstanding motor compatibility. 
  • Twisted-pair cable for throttle signal, effectively to reduce the signal cross-talk when transmitting in the copper wire, and make the plane more stable.
  • Support refresh rate of throttle signal maximum up to 500Hz, compatible with all flight controls; Support ultra-high speed Oneshot125 and 3000Hz high refresh rate, fast response, better throttle liner and smooth shooting to be the first choice for multicopter and racing frame.
  • Use the new technique with ultra-low internal resistance MOSFET, with N channel pipe drive, strong current resistance ability.
  • miniaturization design, with high performance C-DC built-on the board,minimize the weight to 2g only.
  • Thicken the PCB copper plate, low heat for small aircraft.


  • Model Number: XM20A-V2
  • BEC: N/A
  • Follow Current: 20A
  • PWM output rate: 18KHz
  • Signal refresh rate: 20-500Hz/ Oneshot125 Ultra high speed
  • App program: BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware
  • Instantaneous Current: 22A
  • Battery: 3-4S
  • Size: 23*12*4.5mm
  • Weight: 7.6g(with wire), 2g(without wire)

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