XILO Phreak 6s Ready Racing Quadcopter Bundle

XILO Phreak 6s Ready Racing Quadcopter Bundle

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XILO Phreak 6s Ready Racing Quadcopter Bundle
The XILO Phreak 6s Ready Racing Quadcopter Bundle. (ARF Kit)

About this product

There hasn't been a better time to dive into 6S than right now! This bundle features some hot new products that will make the transition to blazingly fast 6S a pleasure.

This bundle features the latest frame from XILO, the Phreak with 5" or 6" arms, as well as the trusty XILO AXII Stubby. Paired with an assortment of other 6S friendly XILO products such as motors and lipo battery, this ARF (almost ready to fly) is an amazing bundle that will give you amazing performance that won't break the bank.

All XILO products have been designed for the top levels of competitive FPV racing while still being at an affordable price. In addition to their excellent performance, XILO drone racing parts come in a great looking design that will look slick on any quad.

The XILO Phreak FPV Racing Quadcopter is a stretched X, ultra-durable, easy to work on, carbon fiber airframe. The Phreak was created to offer FPV racing pilots a solid racing frame at an affordable price. We know that racing frames take a beating, so you want a quad that is easy to repair and work on, and won't cost an arm and a leg. If you're looking for a quality frame at a great price, then this XILO Phreak is the quad for you!

To learn more about all of the gear that comes with this amazing bundle, click on the links below to the corresponding pages. 

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