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Please first take a moment to read our brief support FAQ!

When will back-ordered items be back in stock?

Any available ETA will always be posted on a product's page, but please note this is only a best estimate. If late, a new ETA won't be posted until we're able to obtain one from the manufacturer.

I need to make a change to my order, How can I do that?

We're unable to add items to an order, or swap items on an order, but we can remove and refund items, or cancel an order so that it can then be re-placed with any needed changes. If you need to make such a change, please contact us ASAP as we pack and ship very quickly!

Can you split up my order?

We're unable to split an order into multiple shipments - orders ship as a whole once all items have arrived in stock. As each item comes in stock, it will be held for your order. You can monitor the stock status of each item in your order at the link below

I ordered the wrong thing. How can I return it?

We're unable to swap items for different items on a return, but we can take unwanted items back for a refund if they are still factory sealed, and can be re-sold as new.

Still need help? Please fill out the fields below and we'll do our best to be back in touch ASAP. Please note that during heavy volume, it may take us 24-48 hours to reply. Weekend inquiries will be replied to ASAP at the beginning of the next work week.

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If this is in regards to a defective product, please provide a description of the issue, including what troubleshooting steps you've taken so that we can resolve your issue in the fewest number of replies as possible.

If pictures would be relevant, instead of using this contact form please email us directly at Support@GetFPV.com and include a picture or two of the problem in addition to the information requested above.

Defective ready to fly models can be returned for 15 days, but due to the nature of the hobby we do require pictures to confirm crash damage has not occurred.

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