CONNEX ProSight HD Transmitter

CONNEX ProSight HD Transmitter

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CONNEX ProSight HD Transmitter
An HD transmitter for the CONNEX ProSight kit.

About this product

A true game changer, the Connex ProSight system is bringing true HD to the FPV arena. For the first time you can race with crystal clear video, without needing to worry about latency. Its innovative technology means that your transmitter and receiver are digitally paired, and that means no more crosstalk with other pilots in the air. ProSight is the new standard in FPV racing.

This video transmitter is an integral piece of the ProSight system. If yours has been lost or damaged, it's easy to swap in a replacement and configure it with your receiver and camera. 

Upgrade: Save weight and size with the new Lumenier Micro Dipole antennas. These are a direct replacement for the stock Prosight TX antennas. The Lumenier antennas are not only smaller and lighter, but have higher performance for a better picture!

NOTE: An antenna must be installed properly before power is applied to the transmitter. Powering on without a correctly installed antenna may easily burn the transmitter. Power spikes from other components such as ESC's can also damage the transmitter if powered directly from battery voltage. Such damage will not be covered under warranty. 

Video Transmission Legality: The use and operation of this product in the USA and many other countries may require a license. Some countries may not allow its use at all. In the USA you must have a HAM radio license to use this transmitter. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of their government.

More Information

SKU 4603
Manufacturer Amimon
Static Block fpv_rules
Frequencies 5.8GHz
UPC (GTIN) 652118487510
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