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Budget FPV Quad Bundled Kit

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Budget FPV Quad Bundled Kit

This kit is setup so that you’ll be able to get into FPV with the smallest budget available to you; without needing all the knowledge of knowing which parts and components are compatible with each other.

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Budget FPV Quadcopter Kit

This kit is setup so that you’ll be able to get into FPV with the smallest budget available to you; without needing all the knowledge of knowing which parts and components are compatible with each other. This kit includes everything you need so that you can get flying. Links to individual products included in this kit can be found below.

Our Recommendation

Purchasing a quadcopter on a small budget is a difficult task. This kit is put together to have great components whilst still keeping the focus on a small budget. If you are new to FPV, this quad will be great for a beginner to intermediate pilot. Picking all the cheapest options here will get you flying. But consider upgrading the components you feel will give you a better expereince.

Please read through the Purchasing Guidelines below to have a better understanding of which Addons you should consider purchasing.

Purchasing Guidelines

If you currently don’t have any FPV related products, you would need the following items.

  • Quadcopter
  • Radio
  • Radio Receiver
  • FPV Goggles
  • Charger
  • Batteries
  • LiPo Bag

These components are the bare minimum that you need to fly FPV.

If you already have a few of the listed items, select the “None” option to skip it.


You need a radio to be able to fly your quad. The Quadcopter does not include a Radio Receiver, so you would need to add a Radio Receiver that is compatible with your Radio to be able to fly the quad. This bundle only uses Frsky radios and receivers so there's no compatablity worries here.


All the listed goggles are great for flying FPV! Select the goggle that suits your budget. The "box style" goggles offered give a large field of view but are not very portable. Most pro pilots fly the slimer styles such as the Aomway or Fatshark. 


Any charger would be able to charge your batteries. The only difference would be the amount of input ports available, the Wattage that the charger is capable of and a few other bells and whistles such as touch screens and additional features (which aren’t always necessary unless you are interested in knowing a lot of additional information about your batteries such as Internal Resistance etc.) If you are going to be serious about flying, we would recommend the 4-input charger so that you can charge multiple batteries at a time.


The batteries included in this kit is some of the highest performing batteries on the market. Usually, depending on how you fly, a 1500mah 4S battery would last you anywhere between 90 seconds to 6 minutes. That’s usually not a lot of time. We would recommend that you have a minimum of 4 batteries to fly as it would allow you to fly more and have an extended “FPV grin” on your face! You can never have too many batteries.


LiPo Bag... We’ll say it again... LiPo Bag… This is one of the most important components in your FPV setup. LiPo fires are a real danger. Whilst they don’t happen often, you always want to be safe! We recommend that you store no more than 4 batteries per LiPo bag. ALWAYS charge and store your LiPo batteries inside a LiPo Bag. We’d also recommend adding a LiPo Tester to your cart; it allows you to check the Voltage Levels of your battery so that if you’re unsure whether it’s charged or not, you can plug it in and get an answer. Finally a parallel board will allow you to charge more than one battery at once on chargers with only one channel. (read warnings before attempting to parallel charge)


Now that you have all this gear, how will you be transporting it to the field and back? Any normal backpack will suffice, however, there are bags specifically made for FPV Gear. A dedicated FPV Gear bag will also protect all of your gear during transport.


Going to an FPV meet-up? Want to look great when flying FPV? Wearing the Lumenier and GetFPV branded Apparel makes it official; you are now an FPV enthusiast.


Flying FPV can become addictive.

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